“None of us is as strong as all of us."

Harnessing the power of collaboration.

At the helm of the ship

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Sean Donovan

Founding partner of OpenCo

Sean is the CEO of TBWA and founding partner of OpenCo

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Louis Gavin

Chief Creative Officer

Louis Gavin is the Chief Creative Officer and founding partner of OpenCo

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Monde Africa

Head of Strategy

Monde Africa is the Chief Strategic Officer and founding partner of OpenCo

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Melissa Daniels

Managing Director

Managing Director at OpenCo

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Carl Willoughby

Executive Creative Director

As Executive Creative Director Carl manages a creative team of more than 20 people.


TBWA South Africa

50.1% Stake Holder

OpenCo is part of the TBWA worldwide group with access to its international resources and knowledge repository.

OpenCo is certified BBEEE Level 2

Thus contributing to the South African creative sphere with truly South African work.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions.

In today's complex business environment, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is not, as the saying goes, "insanity" – it's suicide.

So what is the one thing that will help you achieve your brand building and sales objectives? Well maybe it's not one thing? Maybe it's several things working together? Or several things working independently? Or perhaps it is something that hasn't been done yet. If there is one thing for certain, it's that you can no longer simply run an ad and expect results.

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Incredible Connection

Brand Commercial. Ode to the frustrated ones.

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Bheka Mina ‘You’ll only have eyes for one.’
Product-brand commercial.

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Virgin Mobile

Unbelievable. Launch of 99cents per minute prepaid tariff.

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Hollard Legal

Neighbours. Legal Cover product commercial.

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Kaizer Chiefs Insurance

Brand affinity commercial –
introduction of financial services.

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Generations Legacy

Generations relaunch. Everyone wants to know.

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